Homeschool Reboot

Homeschool Reboot In the beginning of June I decided that it's best for me and my children if we scrap the way we've been doing things rather then trying to patch them and "make them work", and literally start afresh. We decided to take the month of June off from lessons.

Before discussing our homeschool dilemma, I decided to start at the root and have a conversation with my older children (ages 6, 7, and 11). I asked each of them what they wanted more of in homeschooling. The answers I received were: more Bible, more hands on activities, and more flexibility with what we're learning. In other words, more choices.

I have lots of great curriculum because I like to mix it up and keep things fresh. No one says we always have to follow how it's designed to work. Curriculum is merely a tool to guide me. It's not my boss. I can taylor it however I see fit. I can switch it out if it seems to become mundane.

I can work at a pace fit for my family and my children. I do not have to follow the schedule. And I do not need to follow any one curriculum.

I love homeschooling (except when I don't), because I get that freedom. And I can go at my children's pace and focus on the things they like.

I enjoy a mix of child-lead learning along with parent-lead learning. (Because let's face it, our kids need to learn math whether they want to or not).

So this week, we're rebooting our homeschool with some fresh ideas and a more flexible learning environment.

I am taking steps to ensure that the Bible is the foundation of all that we do--not just in "school", but in life. It is a priority before our schedule. Following a schedule to the point of skipping out on the most important things just to follow a schedule is totally missing the point of having a schedule.

The schedule is my guide, not my boss.

This week I'm geared up and excited to begin again and have my perspective changed on learning and life--how they are intertwined. How homeschooling is truly a privilege and realizing that not everyone has that opportunity. I am so thankful for the opportunity.

Today, I choose to embrace the good and the hard of homeschooling.

Do you need a homeschooling reboot? What needs changing?