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Today is my husband’s birthday.  It is also the exact date that my husband and I met eleven years ago.  And today is my mom’s birthday.  What do these three occasions have to do with the Homemaker’s Challenge?

Homemaking was first taught to us by our mothers and homemaking is a gift we give to our husbands.  The way our mother’s kept their home was the beginning of our training to be a homemaker for the home we share with our husband.

The way we clean, cook, organize, and everything we do as a homemaker was first shown to us by our moms.  This example shown by your mom may have been intentional or accidental.  She may not even have known that you were watching and remembering how she kept her home.  She may not have realized that those habits would be duplicated when you started keeping your own home and you may not have even realized it either.

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My mom didn’t teach me anything intentional so that I could be a good homemaker.  We never even talked about home keeping.  She will tell you she did what had to be done because that was just the way it was.  Then she will say that she didn’t have time to think about how to be a home keeper or teach my sisters and me how to be home keepers because she was working full time.   It was just not something she thought about.  You clean your house and that is that.

The truth is that my mom did teach me a lot about home keeping without knowing.  I used to save all my cleaning and changing sheets for Saturday because that used to be my day off when I worked full time, just like my mom.  To this day I still try to fold sheets, do laundry, and fold towels the way my mom did.  I rinse all of my dishes before they go into the dishwasher or as my husband says, clean them before you clean them.  I hang clothes on hangers the way mom does.

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Before I was introduced to organic and safe cleaners I would use the same cleaners my mom used.    I used to cook a lot of the same meals on the same days that my mom cooked them until I learned there were other foods in the grocery store.

For example, ice cream and popcorn was for Sunday night because a big meal was made for Sunday dinner.  That meal was either pot roast or fried chicken. Fridays were reserved for egg sandwiches, Mac n cheese, or fish because we were raised Catholic and couldn’t eat meat on Friday.

As I raise my daughter I keep thinking what she has seen in her lifetime as an example of home keeping.  Before I became a Christian wife and mom she would have seen a lot of different examples than she is seeing now.  Home keeping was not a priority to me when I worked full time.  I never thought my daughter would ever consider being a homemaker.  That was old fashioned and not something an independent, liberal woman would like to do with her life.

Hah….funny how things change.  Now I am intentional.  I know that what I am teaching my daughter will affect her life, her husband’s and children’s life and their family life together.  I know now how important our roles as home keepers are and I am not that liberal full time working girl any more.  I know how important my helpmeet role is for my husband.  I know how important my role as a mom and a teacher is for my kids.

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What example are you showing your daughters, and for that matter your sons?  Your sons will expect their wives to be like you when they marry.  Your daughters will want to be just like you.  Are you teaching intentionally?  Are you talking about why and how you take care of your husband and your home?   Are you having them participate with your home keeping duties?

And these questions lead to your challenge this week.

Give us examples of how you are teaching your children the importance of home keeping.  What are you doing intentionally so they know how and what to do to keep a home for their future family?

Joyful Mothering
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