His Faithfulness Stretches

Emily of "Chatting at the Sky" is doing a love and faithfulness posting by day and by night. The idea is to declare God's love by morning and his faithfulness by evening, as stated in Psalm 92:1.


fullmoon by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere

My mothering heart fails to see Him as I chase the wind of my own endeavors. This fight cannot be fought alone. We don't go solo in a war that rages for your time and exists to distract by any means. If I could just recognize the length of skies reach, would that entice me to reach for it? Do I really see how far His faithfulness stretches to touch my outstretched hand? Is my hand even reaching for His--or am I trying to labor alone, with thoughts of unworthiness because I "just can't get it right".  The God of the universe, devoted....to me? I've done nothing to deserve such faithfulness. Can I really grasp this truth?

...your faithfulness reaches to the skies. -Psalm 57:10b