Help Us Bring Our Girls Home From Ghana!

Bring Our Girls Home I want to offer you an opportunity to be a BIG part of helping us get our sweet girls home in the next few months. We need the funds to pay the remainder of our adoption fees and to travel to bring them home.

Last month we did two fundraisers through our church over three weeks and raised $1,900. We did a bake sale for two weeks and had a Tim Hawkins comedy night where we charged $10 per person, asked everyone to bring a two liter of pop, and we provided pizza (our local pizza joint gave us a 75% discount!). Tim Hawkins' people also gave us permission.

Adoption Fundraise for Blog

There are a few different ways to help and any and all is appreciated, so don't think anything is too small.

A couple years ago I read a neat little book called, She Did What She Could and one section talked about Mary with the alabaster jar, pouring perfume/oil on Jesus' feet, because that's all she could do for Him. The premise of the book is that if we all did what we could rather than being paralyzed by what we wish we could do (and then doing nothing), it makes a huge impact.

Don't worry if you cannot offer financial support. Instead:

  • Share about Blog at Home Mom--all profit from that goes directly to our adoption. Selling 2500 books will help us reach our goal. I have a bar graph in my sidebar showing the progress of that. It's moving slow, but I know God can move mountains!
  • Offer prayer support--being covered in prayer is a true gift indeed and should not be taken lightly or underestimated.
  • Share this post with others using the share buttons at the end of this post for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. (There's a Pin button at the top of the post as well)

If you can offer financial support, don't worry if it can't be more than $5. God can stretch your $5, and next persons $5. If everyone who is subscribed to Joyful Mothering donated $5, that would give us over $9,500! See how a little can go a long way?

  • You can purchase my eBook, Blog at Home Mom
  • You can purchase ad space for your blog button or eBook for only $10 per month (email me at christinwrites at gmail dot com to reserve your place for next month)
  • You can simply make a donation (details below)

As of now, we need about $3,000.

I humbly ask because we cannot do this alone. We need the body of Christ to surround us and help us. I understand that asking for money is extremely touchy and personal. I totally get that. But know that your donation is an investment. It doesn't get spent on personal desires, but in Kingdom work. It's invested into two girls who quite literally have no one loving on them and no future where they are at.

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so by going directly through Paypal and sending a "Personal Gift" using my email { christinwrites at gmail dot com } to avoid Paypal fees. If you don't have a Paypal account, no problem!! You can send a direct donation by clicking hereIn order to donate without a Paypal account, click the "continue" link in the bottom, left column.

I have a "Donate Now" button in my sidebar that will also take you there.

Let's link arms....because we can't do this alone.

This post contains an affiliate link. Thank you for your support!