He is Faithful

Whenever I begin to doubt what God might have ahead of me, I remember where He's brought me already. I remember the other times I doubted and how He was faithful.

Being faithful can be a misunderstood concept, though. Being faithful doesn't necessarily mean that we will get what we want from God. It means that He will stay true to His Word.

He promises to never leave us. Yet, that doesn't mean we haven't moved.

It's no surprise that I feel less connected to God when I regularly skip my quiet time with Him. I feel distant from Him, not because He has left me, but because I failed to show up at our meeting place while He was waiting for me. It breaks that continuum of fellowship a little bit every time, and my soul begins to starve from lack of bread and Living Water.

This also affects other areas of my life such as my mothering. I am way less patient and often forget my spiritual manners--joy, gentleness, peacemaking, etc.

We cannot expect to walk in the Spirit when we fail to invite Him in.

But, He is always faithful to show up--always. Even when we fail to.

My best time of meeting with God is in the mornings, yet these last few months have been failed attempts to get up. As a result, my life is lacking His counsel because I'm not filling my mind with His word so it's available when I need it. My days are less intentional because I'm not laying them at His feet.

Yet, He faithfully waits. Tomorrow morning, at 5am when I usually get up to meet with Him, He will be there waiting. I can either choose to sleep in, or fight the battle of the flesh and get out of bed. Regardless of whether I am faithful or not, He still is.

God's faithfulness to us does not depend on our faithfulness to Him. If that were the case, His faithfulness would cease to exist.

I think one of the biggest struggles for me is believing that God is faithful even though I consistently fail. He is not keeping tally marks. He simply loves and wants to be in communion with me.

Christ died so the sin wouldn't get in the way of our relationship.

Don't let your own failures and shortcomings keep you from fellowship with God. He longs to meet with you!

Is there something in your life you are struggling to see God's faithfulness in?