Guest Posting 101

Guest Posting 101

Why Guest Post?

Before getting into the "how's" of guest posting, it's important to understand what the purpose of guest posting is.

There are several reasons to guest post, but this certainly isn't an exhaustive list.

Expand Your Horizons

This allows you to write in a different niche then you normally would, should you choose to do so. It also challenges you to move outside your own scope of community.

Extend Your Reach

Reach more people by writing outside your own readership. There are a lot of people still out there who simply doesn't know your blog exists. This is your chance to enlighten them!

Expose Your Writing

Get your writing in front of more people. Especially is you're hoping to publish in the future, you want your writing to travel.

How to Guest Post

Many people get stuck with not knowing how to guest post. It's really quite simple.

Email a potential blogger that you'd be interested in guest posting for. It doesn't matter how "big" you think they are. You might be surprised at how many actually welcome guest posts.

When you email the blogger, offer them a few suggestions of what you would like to write about. Always offer up fresh, new content. Do not copy an old post and email it over. If you're interested in sharing an idea you have previously written on, reinvent the content and freshen it up. Perhaps you could write it from a different angle or perspective.

Always offer up your best writing. This is the one chance you have to offer a first impression to a whole new audience of readers. Make it count.

Guest Posting Etiquette

There are a few "unspoken" rules on guest posting you'll want to know.

If the blogger you're guest posting for sends you guest posting guidelines, be sure to follow them. If they don't offer any, ask. Ask if there is a word count they'd like you to adhere to.

Study the blogger's blog a little bit and the formatting of their posts. You'll want yours to look similar so it fits in with her blog style. That doesn't mean to make your writing style match. I'm speaking strictly in terms of formatting here.

Never use affiliate links in a guest post without first asking if it is okay. This is very bad etiquette that you do not want to fall into.

Be mindful of the blogger's audience. If a blog is read by mainly stay at home moms, you don't want to write a piece about working moms, just as an example. You want to be sure your content fits the readership or people will lose interest.

Where to Guest Post

Here are a few places that accept guest posts to get you started:

Allume - the Allume blog is an extension of the Allume Conference. "Our goal at Allume is to minister to the woman, the blogger, the story teller. We want to love well, encourage, and spur women on to shine the Light that lives within them." You can email Christin (yep, that's me) at christin @ allume dot com and request a copy of the guest posting guidelines.

I'm An Organizing Junkie - Laura loves to share people's success stories with organizing. You can find her guidelines for other guest posting ideas here.

Joyful Mothering - This is my mothering blog where I accept guest posts on motherhood as well as marriage, homeschooling, devotions, discipleship, etc. You can find my guidelines here.

The Frugal Girls - This is a site about frugality, obviously. :) But they don't only accept guest posts on frugality, but also DIY project tutorials, party ideas, wedding tips and more. You can find their guidelines here.

Money Saving Mom - Similar to The Frugal Girls, Crystal loves to share others' stories on how they've saved money. There are various ways to do this. Guest posting guidelines are here.

(in)courage - (in)courage is home for the hearts of women. It's a great place to share your testimony or what God is doing in your life and how others can learn from it or be encouraged by it. They are very flexible with their terms, but you can read more on their submission policy here.

MOB Society - Are you a boy mom? Maybe you'd like to write about your experience at the Moms of Boys Society? There is really no shortage of things to write about when you're a boy mom (or a girl mom, for that matter!) Submission policy can be found here.

Do you know of other blogs that take guest posts? Share them in the comments!