Guest Post for Joyful Mothering

{Taking a break from our spiritual disciplines series to make this announcement.}

Interested in submitting a guest post to Joyful Mothering? I'm looking for creative voices to join me in this space!

Beginning in February, I am going to be featuring guest posters on Fridays. If you think you might be interested in submitting a post, please read the guidelines below.

You can begin submitting immediately. You do not need to wait for February.


  • Mothering - training and raising godly children
  • Biblical Womanhood - growing in Christ, living for Him, grace, joy
  • Homeschooling
  • Practical discipleship tools - for mothers, children, and/or families as a whole
  • Living for God


  1. Posts must be 500-700 words.
  2. Break paragraphs up (3-5 sentences per paragraph)
  3. Posts may not be published elsewhere. It must be an original post.
  4. Include 1 photo in your post. Check out for free photos. Be sure to read their policy. {Very simple!} Also, you can check out A Complete Guide to Finding and Using Incredible Flickr Images. IMAGES NOT SITED WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  5. Please share a small excerpt of your post the day it goes live, on your blog, with a link to your post on Joyful Mothering. Do not copy and paste from your post. Write a short summary or teaser.
  6. Send your entire post in html format. To do this, draft the post on your blog. Include your pictures, bio, links, and head shot. When you have completed the post, click the “html” tab and copy it in it’s entirety. Paste that into an email to send to me. I will not accept posts that are not in html format.
  7. Send posts to christin at

Recommended Reading {posts}:

Editing and Formatting

I will edit your post for simple grammatical errors and format it to fit the style of Joyful Mothering. This does not mean your content will  be changed in any way. It simply means the layout of your content will be suited in the way posts on Joyful Mothering are typically published.


Please understand, that your submitting a post does not guarantee publishing. Publishing is based on what value the content is to my readers. No advertising please, unless prior arrangements have been made.


Submit posts to christin @ as html format within the email, not as an attachment. {See above guidelines for details on how}

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