God's Faithfulness Is Undeniable - {A Relevant Testimony}

Words could not express the joy of my heart, the filling up that the Relevant weekend provided for me. God showed up, and I knew He would. But He also showed up in ways I didn't expect, which may have been the most profound. The beautiful women I got to hug was a slice of heaven. Truly, these women are a-mazing. I didn't even get pictures with all the lovely women I met and connected with. You just get so wrapped up in the moment, pulling out a camera just seemed like too much interruption to the natural flow of things. It also wasn't something you often think of on the spot.

But, as the weekend came to a close, we realized we didn't want to miss snapping a few memories!

Good Morning Girls


Joy and I


Kelley Krissie and I


Jacque and I


I couldn't even begin to share everything I learned right now, and it wasn't all blogging and social media. But what stuck out more for me are the deep connections and relationships that were built and the refreshed feeling of going back home to care for my family with a new vision and new gusto.

I wasn't able to share on Twitter much at all because all of us trying to connect to the internet in the hotel made it slow down horribly. So most of the time it didn't even work.


Now if you can just bear with me for an important testimony.

As I type this, it's Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting in my hotel room, in Harrisburg. My train was scheduled to leave that day at 2:30pm, but it was canceled Saturday night due to the snow storm. {Yes, in October}. My heart sank. By the end of the conference, I was so ready to go home and see my family. I missed them tremendously. The train delay was 24 hours, which meant another night spent in the hotel.

We ( my cousin Kelley -@MrsHaggie810- and I)  didn't budget for this. Nor did we budget for the food required to feed us. My husband was able to transfer some money for the cost of the hotel, but that still left us with the issue of food. It weighed heavy on us.

So, we went to breakfast at the restaurant inside the hotel and as we sat, I pulled out Holley Gerth's devotional, God's Heart for You, and I thumbed to the one on provision called "Provided For". As I read it aloud, I grasped hope and remembered His promise. I can't remember a time when I prayed, "give us this day our daily bread" and meant it literally. In fact, I don't think I ever have.  But that morning we did. We briefly prayed God would take care of our need for food.

About 10-15 minutes later, a sweet gal from the conference walked in and asked if she could sit with us. Of course, we happily invited her to sit down. She explained that she understood we were having to spend an extra night at the hotel and that it wasn't in our budget. She explained that she had over-budgeted for her trip and had some extra and asked if she could help us.

I hesitated, but replied, "Sure. That would be really great". So she handed me some folded up bills and we made some small talk. Then she said goodbye, we thanked her and she left. Upon looking, this angel from the Lord had provided us with $100.

We sat there in awe of God and began crying.

We prayed for our daily bread, and He provided our daily bread. It was that simple.

Earlier that morning, I checked with the front desk about staying another night on the Relevant rate. The guest services manager was gracious, grinned slightly, and replied, "We'll take care of you".

Tuesday morning when I woke up in the hotel room, the receipt for our room was found slipped under the door. We were only charged HALF of the Relevant rate for the room!

Once again, God was flexing His Daddy muscles, making sure we knew He was caring for us. I know it sounds crazy, but of all the things that happened that weekend, these are what stood out the most. Because in a moment of uncertainty, God reassured us and His care for us was so evident, there was simply no denying it.

He is faithful. I still stand in awe!