God Gave You a Vision For Motherhood

I have been a mother for 9 years. I know my calling as a mother. Somewhere along the way, however, I got overwhelmed because in the blink of an eye, I had 5 children. The view of the vision God had for me was blurred because I was looking past it at other things. Usually a "quick fix" that would magically give my children what they needed, with little from me--or at least less from me. Wrong. Caring for very young children is a ginormous task. Especially when you have several small children. Their physical needs alone can be so demanding that it drains you of the energy you need to put into nurturing them, or any older children you may have. I think, in part, this is where a major adjustment was made for me as a mother. Once I got a grip on this adjustment, I could see the vision clearly again.

Recently, God reignited me with this vision for motherhood. He renewed the passion within me to raise up godly children and to invest in the time required for such an important purpose. He has called me to focused discipleship with my children. He is also teaching me the weight of nurturing and how simply it can be accomplished.

I'm willing to bet that He has a similar vision for you, but you aren't really sure how to put feet to it.


At times we can feel like we're wandering around without a step-by-step guide to take us where we're going. Even though it's clearly laid out in the Bible and God clearly offers us this guide through the Holy Spirit. Putting feet to those directions can seem impossible at times. This is an important task, and it really is much more simplistic than we make it out to be. Simple, not easy. This is why the Bible summons the older women to help the younger women. We need it.

So, what vision did God give you for motherhood?

First, let me define vision. Another word for vision is revelation, which simply means "to reveal". God has revealed to you, in detail, what His calling for mothers is. It is found in various places throughout His Word, including, but not limited to Proverbs, 1 Timothy, and Titus.

I also believe He speaks to us on an individual basis about these things. He gives us a particular zest that brings personality to how we do what He's called us to do. We are still called to the same vision and standard, but it's how He calls us to carry it out that makes us extraordinarily different.

The Vision

What God has revealed to us through His word is to raise up children who will love and serve Him, who exhibit godly character, and are trained and disciplined in good manners and conduct.

God has given us this instruction book, called the Bible, that gets very specific about what to teach as good and right, as well as what's displeasing to Him.  As mothers, we are specifically instructed to train, guide, and love our children in this Truth. {Proverbs 22:6; Deuteronomy 11:19; Titus 2:4} God has revealed this to us through His Word.

That is our vision for motherhood.

This isn't new information for most of us. But sometimes we need to hear it again. Sometimes hearing it from others can light a spark of motivation.

This is what God has revived in my heart.

But there's more.

Joyful Mothering

He has called me to use Joyful Mothering for a more specific purpose.

Up until now, Joyful Mothering has been a compilation of struggles, homemaking, marriage, grace, joy, and more struggles. I have literally been waiting on God's voice to know exactly what He wants me to do here.

While these topics will still be a part of Joyful Mothering, they will not be the focus.

In short, the goal of Joyful Mothering will be to equip and inspire mothers in the discipleship of their children.

When we live out God's calling for our lives, that is the place where joy meets us because that is the place God is.

Again, I will not be banning the other topics I have previously written on. I believe they are important and my heart needs to release them. But I have this strong desire to share what I learn through the discipleship of my children, what resources I use, how I use them, and to empower you to disciple your children, too.

Through the month of September I will be sharing our journey of discipleship from August. The struggles, the triumphs, the resources, the practicality of living it out.

Plus, there will be giveaways of some of the resources I use. I want to help equip you with tools you can use to help you. The companies from which these resources come from are amazing. They are not just companies. They are people with the same vision as me--to help equip families to live out their faith.


What is the biggest challenge you face in the discipleship of your children?

Is it getting started? Is it persevering? Is it knowledge or direction?

What struggles do you face?

I invite you to share in the comments and know, you are not alone.


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