Gearing Up for Valentine's Day

It's coming --- a day in the year when you can super bless your husband, and maybe even a few close friends who are extra special to you.

I know some do not celebrate Valentine's Day because they don't wait for the one day in the year to love on their man. I'm the same way. But this year, I want to use this day to give a bit extra then what I normally would. I want to use it as an opportunity. An opportunity to express my love and appreciation in a unique way--something I wouldn't do in the everyday.

There are some wonderful ideas out there floating around on ways you can make this happen. There is definitely no lack of options.

Courtney, from Women Living Well, is doing a "Be My Valentine" challenge that just started this week.

DaySpring is having some lovely sales to bless your man and sweet friends.

They have a new line out for our daughters called "Hot Chocolate with God".

This is the kit and it comes with:

  • a journal
  •  32 "You Rock" encouraging note cards
  • 32 "Girlfriend to Girlfriend" note cards
  • 12 "Encouragement" cards

This is an excellent opportunity to teach our daughters how to pass on encouragement to their friends and teach them about journaling.

My 10 year old is an avid writer and loves to write cards for people. She is still learning the discipline of journaling, but it will be such a wonderful asset for her as she grows older.

I think at times we can underestimate the impact an encouraging note to someone can make; including our husbands.

Let's take the opportunity, starting this Valentine's Day, to be more intentional about showing our husbands and our children appreciation and encouragement. The Bible says we should encourage one another, as long as it's called "today." (Hebrews 3:13)

I look forward to sharing more about marriage in the coming days because without a solid marriage, our children suffer. My hope is to encourage and challenge you in your marriage. Some of the most impactful things in a marriage can also be some of the most uncomfortable. Oh but it's worth it.

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What do you have planned for your husband and/or children this Valentine's Day? Your ideas may help someone else!

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