Fort Magic {Giveaway!}

Fort Magic Giveaway

This is a paid review. I was given Fort Magic free in exchange for my my honest review - and you have a chance to win the giveaway. Woot! {Keep reading!}

My children are always making forts somewhere in the house. Whether over the bunk beds or using the couch, this is a regular form of play for my children. Imagine their delight when I told them Fort Magic was going to be delivered to our doorstep!

Fort Magic Rocket Ship

My kids absolutely love Fort Magic and I was quite impressed by it myself!

Fort Magic Box

Fort Magic Submarine


It comes with lots of pieces - 382 to be exact. And they are high quality. They can take the pressure of children or adults working them into the connectors (which does prove to be a bit easier for adults than children to get them in all the way).

Fort Magic Contents

Fort Magic Supplies

It also comes with a very durable and convenient storage bag.

Fort Magic Storage Bag

Construction and Imaginative Play

My children impressed me by being able to build the forts they wanted all on their own. They followed the instructions offered in the book which accompanies the kit (and you can also view it on their website). Which really only consisted of a 3-dimensional picture of each fort and the pieces needed to build it.

Fort Magic Pirates


Fort Magic Castle

My children have enjoyed building their own creations that suit what they are learning in school as well.

Once we move into our new house (just a few short weeks!), they will build a fort suitable for sleeping in on a main floor bedroom. These creations make some pretty large forts! I was amazed at the size of them. We are looking forward to many more hours of building and play.

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Some Fort Magic Specifics:

The “Magic” of the Fort Magic kit is in the large number and variety of sticks and connectors.  It is this unique combination that allows kids to build any design they can think of with a single Fort Magic kit.

Every Fort Magic kit includes 382 Pieces:

•  165 Straight and Curved Sticks in seven different sizes! •  87 Connector pieces in five varieties of shapes and sizes! •  130 easy to use fabric and accessory Clips! Securely fasten sheets or fabric to ANY shape design your child invents! •  A full color Instruction Manual with over 20 designs to build! •  A high quality Storage Bag that securely holds all of the Fort Magic pieces - so clean up is quick and easy every time! •  A 30-day Money Back Guarantee! •  Fabric Covers Are Not Included.

You can purchase Fort Magic here.


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