For Instruction in Righteousness

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Doorposts has been a favorite character training and Bible study place of resource of mine for the past year or so. I bought Polished Cornerstones & later Plants Grown Up and dabbled here and there with them. It wasn't until Doorposts launched their blog and began sharing weekly character projects that I began to see better ways to utilize these tools.

Doorposts recently released their new edition of For Instruction in Righteousness and generously sent me a copy to review. Friends, it did not disappoint. This book was put together by a mother. A mother who studies the Bible and put together what she learned to share with her family, and now with other families.

What captured me the most was in the back appendix. I know, strange huh?

I want to share a little about Appendix A and Appendix B. I believe the tools shared in the appendices are the crux of the whole book. Without them, many of us would be lost on how to go about teaching and training.

For Instruction in Righteousness is meant to address specific sins head on with Scripture.

Appendix A

This section explains how For Instruction in Righteousness is set up.

It surrounds 4 principals:

  1. Arouse the listener's curiosity and attention
  2. Involve the listener emotionally
  3. Help the listener remember
  4. Establish covenants

Each one of these is thoroughly expounded on so you will understand what the author is trying to convey. Understanding how the book is set up for use makes it more effective when you use it.

Appendix B

This section is a tool and guide for using "For Instruction in Righteousness" as a Bible study.

There are 4 steps in this process:

  1. Identify the discipline problem.
  2. Study the chapters in this book on [the issue].
  3. Now PRAY!
  4. Instruct the child.

Again, the author thoroughly explains each step in the process so you clearly understand how it works

It is something that can be repeated again and again, focusing on different character traits.

In short, this is an excellent tool to have in the home. It has helped me quickly reference a problem so it can be dealt with. I highly recommend becoming thoroughly acquainted with the book so when it is time to use it, you aren't fumbling with how to use it. Not only is it good for helping on-the-spot behavioral and heart issues, but it is also an excellent preventative study.

Doorposts has offered all Joyful Mothering readers a $5 discount on any purchase $20 or more using coupon code: joyfulmothering {through 11/30}.


I'm giving away one copy of For Instruction in Righteousness to a Joyful Mothering reader.

All you have to do is leave a comment sharing why this might be a useful tool in your home.

One comment per person. I will announce winner next week.

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