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God has laid on my heart a great vision for my children. It is the first time in a while I have heard such clarity of direction from Him--probably because I'm so desperate to know where to go at this point. Or perhaps I wasn't listening closely enough. We are still finishing up our homeschool year and it has just seemed to drag on and on. We are all ready for a break from math lessons and writing papers. So come the end of July, we are taking a month off to rest and refresh from formal lessons. This leaves August wide open with possibilities.

an evening in june

God spoke to me and the peace is so great and excitement so overwhelming I want to share with you what we are going to do. Perhaps you might be inspired to do something similar.

The month of August is going to be one of focused, and slightly intense, discipleship of my children. Somehow everything tends to crowd out the most important thing -- and that is simply making the time to learn about God and walk with Him. Oh we do it, just not enough. I truly feel a pull in my spirit to make it a much higher [the highest] priority then I have been. My hope is that after 31 days of focusing on little else than Christ, we will form the habit of truly seeing Him in our everydays, and not want to steer away from the routine we have created to meet with Him.

Today I begin the Bible in 90 Days Challenge. I have cleared my schedule of anything unnecessary and have some amazing guest posters lining up my blog for the month of August.

This time is meant to be exciting and special, so our devotions and "sit down" time will include cookies, outdoor studying, journaling, drawing, and just celebrating Jesus! We will praise in song, give thanks, memorize scripture and just learn of His great love for us.

There will be some character training and maybe some impromptu skits of Bible stories. The possiblities are truly endless and I'm just going to go where the Spirit leads.

We will be using several resources which include

In order to have a loose plan of action, I have this routine set up for our days:

Morning: Through the Bible in Felt - 1 story per week. The goal is to allow each child to tell the story with the felt & in their own words after I initially teach/tell the story. So we will hear the same story, told by different people, everyday that week.

Devotions - Each child will bring me a devotional of their choice each morning and we will read and discuss it on a child by child basis, as it is more personal for each child this way. This usually only take 5-10 minutes per child.

Afternoon: Bible - I am going to follow the schedule for the kids Bible in 90 Days survey of the Bible.

Evening: Our 24 Family Ways - I am going to be adapting much of this material for younger children and personalize it to meet our greatest needs. This is an excellent devotional though, that can grow with your family over the years.

Throughout the Day: There will be lots of opportunity for intentional character training and teachable moments. My goal is be attentive and ready for those moments when I can speak life giving Scriptures to help my children make the best decisions.

In addition to laying down these important, foundational habits, and perhaps even more important than these, are continuing to live out our faith and intentionally focusing on areas of struggle. Discipline will also be a focus as it has gotten quite loose lately. Emphasis will be on obedience and peacemaking.

I truly look forward to seeing how God will show up and transform our family during this time. I just want to focus on the next month (August) and take it one day at a time, without worry of what we will do the following month.

I hope to take some journal notes to share with you in the month of September.

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