Today is my dear friend Sarah Mae's birthday! And in her honor I am sharing these flash back pictures!! I included a few because I see people sharing different ages and just want to be a bit comparable. You should have seen my kids' faces as I showed them these pictures. My 5-year old backed up, like he was scared. My 3-year old's eye brows raised and jaw dropped--I am so not exaggerating! So, here is my first grade picture - 1987

This is 3rd grade - 1989. Mmmm hmmm, my mom cut my hair---much shorter than I wanted. {It's OK mom, I still love you!!} This was the year I looked like a boy.

Here is me in 7th grade - 1993. My first time attempting eye liner...yep.

And,  just to keep up with the teenage years, here is me at 16 years old {left} with my [then] best friend. (Sorry for the blur).

Thank you Sarah Mae, for walking me down [painful] memory lane! Ha ha ha!! Nah, it was fun!!

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