Fervent Prayer: Your Identity and Your Family

Your Identity

Marriage is a physical representation of our spiritual relationship with God. Not a perfect one, but a set apart one.  -Christin Slade

I believe women have a major identity crisis which is why we struggle in so many areas. We struggle with comparison and worth because we don't know who we are or Whose we are. When someone badgers us, belittles us, or mocks us, often we forget where our identity lies.

It lies not in our abilities (or lack thereof), not in our accomplishments, not in our "good works" and not in our productivity. Our identity is in Christ alone. Whether we are high achievers or humble succeeders...Christ defines us.

The Enemy works his lies to make you believe your worth comes from your work or from who someone says you are. He is a liar. When we recognize the truth, there's no end to what is possible because we know where to go for strength. We know where to go for Truth. We know where to go for the right resources. Prayer. 

We don't need to pray for these in our lives, because they are already there! We need to pray we can recognize them and utilize them.

Priscilla says, 

"If we're not strategically praying in accordance with who our Maker and Redeemer says we are, we'll always be subject to Satan's attempts at devaluing us."

The Enemy wants us to feel defeated and defenseless, not strong and courageous. He will do whatever He can to attack us on the most personal level. 

Your Family

The family has been under attack since the beginning, in the garden. 

Satan seeks to destroy our relationships and our witness to the world, and I dare say, he's succeeding. Marriage is a big part of the foundation of our families! If they fail, the family fails. We need to FIGHT for our marriages. Not take them by chance.

When we have conflict in our marriage, where do we take the fight? To our husbands, or to our knees? We also need to recognize the issues may not be all our husbands fault. We need to look deeper into our own hearts and seek out what our own desires are in order to get to the root of the battle. Are we subconsciously bitter because we don't have the desires we want from our husbands? 

Don't let the Enemy stir up that ammunition! Seek out your husband's needs and meet them and often it will reciprocate. But also pray diligently for your marriage and family!

Marriage is a physical representation of our spiritual relationship with God. Not a perfect one, but a set apart one. Do we value it enough to protect it? 

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