When Timing Cannot Be Overlooked {Coffee Break with Christin}

This year, I rang it in with the goal to simplify specific areas of my life. One of those areas was to purge and simplify my home. What I wasn't expecting was that this goal would be realized much faster than I anticipated.

There is a Season

You see, we've lived in our neighborhood now for nearly 6 years. The houses are nice little ranches, all situated perfectly on the same sized lots and all with the same layouts on the inside. Some of the homes have been renovated or had additions put on them. When we first moved in, I was pregnant with my fourth child. Now? We are waiting for our sixth and seventh children to come home from Africa.

One of the homes we admire is just two doors down from us and it has an upstairs addition. The main floor has been renovated to make more room in the living room and a larger bedroom. My husband and I always said that if that house ever went up for sale, we'd look into buying it. The owners were empty nesters so we new it could be a possibility.

Last week, my husband was driving home from work and lo and behold, a real estates "for sale" sign was placed in front of their house. My husband quickly went online, searching for a price. The next thing I know, we're talking about putting our house up for sale and calling for a mortgage pre-approval!

This week has been filled with cleaning, organizing, purging, painting, cleaning carpets, washing walls, talking finances, meeting with realtors, etc. My house is more simplified than it's been since we moved in! Even our realtor, as she walked through our house, complimented how simple and uncluttered it was, especially for having five children!

Living Room

So, what's the fastest way to simplify? Put your house up for sale.

Dining and Kitchen

This coming week will consist of more wall washing, painting, carpet cleaning, minor updates, and basically staging our house to be listed.

Can I just share with you something that is so vital to this story?


As many of you know, our adoption is delayed. We have been in this process much longer than we anticipated. We do not understand why our case has become so complicated, but we've learned trying to figure it all out gets us nowhere.

But I still have confidence they will make it home. And once they do, any major transitions must be halted for at least three years, allowing our girls to properly adjust to their new life in the States. Which means, the opportunity to move would not be available to us. Is it possible this delay could be for such a time as this? Or that God is using the delay for good?

At this time, we cannot find any other house on the market that meets our needs so perfectly. Furthermore, the housing market in my state just went through a bit of a boom and is now leveling off. The next thing it's going to do is dip again. So the time to sell our house is NOW.

How strange is it that our neighbors put their house up for sale now? While we're in such a delay in our adoption and the housing market is still fairly steady?

There are still many uncertainties left up in the air as we continue to pursue this new house. One, we do not know yet if the seller will accept our offer being contingent on the sale of our house. Two, we do not know if our house will sell. It doesn't have any major issues, but the fact remains, there are no guarantees. The first two weeks of putting our house on the market are crucial.

So, we continue to prepare our fields for rain, believing that the timing of all of these things are not a coincidence.

I look forward to sharing the story as it continues to unfold. It's amazing how my high hopes for the adoption to run smoothly has put my expectations for this move into perspective. But at the same time, just because one season threatens to be winter forever, doesn't mean that spring isn't on the way.

Our adoption situation is not a prognosis for every situation we face. Maybe this time, we'll catch a break?

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