Family Workout Weekend

Day 11 and 12 So, I'd decided a couple weeks ago that my children are getting big enough to need more than the backyard to run around in for exercise---and during the winter months, they need some place to stretch their legs.

Since I have the membership at the gym now and recognize, already, the benefits of working out (other than weight loss), my husband and I also decided to get a membership to our local YMCA.

On Saturday we had our post-placement report done by our social worker. I really love our social worker! She gave us a few tips and suggestions, but overall, the girls are doing well.

After she left, we went to the Y for a tour and signed up for a family membership. It gives us full access to the pool all year round plus the open gym where we can go and play dodge ball or other kinds of games. We also get discounts on programs such as swimming lessons and gymnastics--so we are sure to stay active throughout the winter!


Sunday we had church and we host home group 1-2 times per month and this was our week to host. So we came home, I made spaghetti for lunch/dinner, the girls made cookie bars to add to the snack for our group, and we finished cleaning. Then we rested for a couple hours before people arrived.

We had a wonderful time studying and discussing Romans 15:1-2. We always have great discussion! We were pretty tired once everyone left (just before 10pm) so Monday was a little rough.

31 Days 2014