False Images

Life: UnmaskedI have been struggling lately with false images: false images of what my homeschool ought to look like, how my kids ought to act, and how people ought to be.

I create an image in my head of how *I* think things ought to look or be and it is destructive.

My homeschool day is not the perfect picture of a well followed schedule and perfectly obedient children, the way I think it ought to be. Instead it is met with very young children with a very narrow sense of self who have needs. It is met with resistant children who don't want to learn lessons. It is met with a mother who is tired physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is a fight to get it all done.

My children do not always obey or get along. They do not always do what they are asked with a happy heart and good attitude. They are forgetful and messy. They are children. And upon forgetting that I take it personally.

People are not perfect, yet I have my ideals of how they *ought* to be rather than loving them where they stand.

God is teaching me. He is slowly changing my heart to see how He sees.