Faith Stretching

Cross in the Sky by gotoant, on Pix-O-SphereSo, yesterday I was having a rather rough day. Just feeling hopeless, discouraged. I wrote a post trying to literally encourage myself and convince myself. At the time it really didn't work. Because, well, I guess I just didn't want to believe it. I was so wrapped up in my problem being overwhelming, that God's own Words seemed so small. It wasn't that I didn't believe Him...more like....I needed convincing at that time. My faith needs expanding---stretching.

It's very possible that is what God is doing with our circumstances right now. I can't speak for how He is working in my husband's heart, but I know how He is working in mine.

  • He is calling on me to trust Him on a deeper, more serious level.
  • He is calling me to pray more fervently for my husband, who has the added stress and burden of carrying such circumstances. He is the one on the forefront of it all.
  • He wants me to remember the promises He gave me - us--our family.
  • He wants me to depend on HIM, not man.

It is through circumstances such as the one we face now that God grows us, shapes us, and refines us.

In addition, {and no pressure intended, *chuckle*}, He has given me little ones who are always watching and learning from my example on how I handle myself in tough situations.

Am I showing my little ones that I trust God {and they, in turn, can, too}? Or do they see my worry and anxiety when things get tough?