Expect the Unexpected {Coffee Break}

A Broken Wrist & 6 Weeks Out of Work

A couple weeks ago threw some unexpected trials our way. After being home with our girls and settling in, it's not surprising that life decided to pick back up again and keep us busy and learning to rely on God.

A couple Sunday's ago my husband was running with our dogs (picture a 6-year old greyhound and a 1 year old great dane). Our great dane decided to cut in front of my husband while running and there was no time for him to catch himself before falling over her and landing {wrong} on his wrist. He broke his wrist and it put him out of work for 6 weeks. But God has been so faithful to provide for us. We are two weeks down and have four to go.

Honestly? I see this as a gift to our family to be able to have my husband home to be with his family for six weeks following a major life change in our family and in the life of our adopted girls, who are no doubt feeling apprehensions of their own.

Power Outage

Then, Tuesday evening we had a severe thunderstorm that took out our power for 24 hours. I know, not really a major crisis, but we had to spend money we didn't expect to spend and I lost time on working on my Moms in the Word post. You know, sometimes in blogging you just have to admit you can't always do what you plan to do.

I was excited, too, to write about bridling the tongue. I don't know about you, but I know I struggle with that --- more than I'd like to admit.

What's so exciting about talking about bridling the tongue? Revelation. Admitting it and talking about it is a great start to stopping the issue. I don't know about you, but reading and applying God's word actually excites me. The Holy Spirit has put a desire in every Christ follower to walk in His truth and that's what I desire.  Only God working through me can accomplish His good work. Nothing in my own strength will produce fruit. That much I know well.

 Labor Day Weekend

I was hoping to get all my homeschool lesson planning and organizing done before Labor Day weekend, but it just didn't happen. So, I had family in over the weekend and come Monday evening, I was scraping together our plans for lessons on Tuesday. I decided to be satisfied with a half day of lessons and it seemed to work well that way.

Quite honestly, my blogging is being pushed lower and lower on the priority list as my family has grown over the years. There just isn't time for everything and in this season of homeschooling seven children, ages 12 and under, there isn't much left at the end of the day for anything extra.

This is the second week in a row I have missed putting up the Moms in the Word link up and while my goal for the Moms in the Word community is to be in the Word, it's not necessarily to blog about it. I find that Instagram is the best place to connect the Moms in the Word community, so I want to encourage you to find us there by looking up the #MomsInTheWord hashtag.

At The End of The Day...

At the end of the day, I'm exhausted and I do not have a sense of completion that brings me rest. Not because I feel unfulfilled, but because there is always something left undone; always something I need to "catch up" on, and as my family has grown, so has the "incomplete list of things to do". And quite honestly, it's becoming rather overwhelming.  I'm talking just everyday life: laundry, cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, bathing kids, caring for dogs, and some work I do from home on my lap top (1-2 hours a day).

As I finish up this post, Wednesday is Margaret's 11th birthday and she has requested Homemade Chicken Pot Pie for her birthday dinner. This is about a two hour ordeal in the kitchen -- one I wasn't planning on until I asked her at dinner Tuesday night what she would like. And I totally know it will be worth the effort, of course. But such is life, something's gotta give and a regular blogging schedule looks to be the case.

It may be best to find me on social media during this season, where I can share shorter bursts of motherhood quotes and wisdom: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest I don't show up to each one everyday, but I do show up to at least one each day. ;)