Equipped With Enough

Several days throughout the week, I feel like I'm "running on fumes". Like I don't have much to give and typically I moan about it. "I'm so tired. I don't feel like doing anything", or "My patience is running out. I can't take anymore. I have nothing left". And more often than not, I give in to these moanings. Not often enough do I approach God and draw from His strength. Nor do I push through and keep going, knowing God will give me just what I need to get through.

Too often I forget He has promised to give me what I need. I know, that sounds silly. But the truth is...though I know God is near and I talk to Him constantly throughout the day, my meanderings with Him are not what they should be. Most of it, is me complaining. Yes, I know it's OK to be real with God, but this type of thing can become a disease if it's not turned around. I don't want my relationship with God to consist of me constantly griping about what I can't do and what I don't like--about me, or anybody else.

When we step out, and give from the little we have, God meets us there and multiplies it. This isn't just in money. It's in anything we choose to give--our time, effort, skills. Just give Him whatever you have, and let Him do the rest. Even if it's only the equivalent of a couple of pennies.

But on those occasions when you do feel genuinely led by God to give, you needn't be worried about what appears to be a dwindling amount of personal resources to suit the task.

The contented woman, when required to give of her time, her love, her resources...herself...is secure in the knowledge that she possesses enough to do it. --The Resolution for Women, pg. 25

Something that I believe really helps feed this is walking in contentment and gratitude. To really thank God for what we have to give and be content in the smallest of things. To really push our resources--our energy, our time, our stuff, our money--push them to the max. Make the most use of them.

He has equipped us with enough. We may not be swimming in it, and we're not lacking in anything we need. We have just enough.

Let's challenge ourselves, just for today, to squeeze out everything we can from the resources we have. Let's step out with the little we [think we] have, and watch God multiply it.

He never disappoints.

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