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Encouragement is such a vital balm for our souls. We are encouraged to encourage each other in Hebrews. Life is hard and we need the uplifting words of one another. I can't speak for men, but I know the more I read of women and mothers, the more I see how hard we are on ourselves. I know it's not just me.

When was the last time someone sent you an encouraging card or note just because? How did it make you feel? If you have never been given such a gift, how do you think it would effect you if you did?

But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness. Hebrews 3:13

Let's consider Someone.  There is Someone out there, or several Someone's, within your reach who need to hear the words that will help her take that next step in her life; words that tell her it's OK to walk into the unknown. Someone out there needs to know she isn't alone. Someone needs to know that someone, anyone cares.

Someone doesn't know just how much she needs it, until she's received it.

Sally Clarkson says,

"Positive words act as water and sunshine to our souls to help them grow strong. Yet I have found that very few people really take the time to say those words that all of us....long to hear.

Thinking good thoughts about someone doesn't really bless that person. We have to take the initiative actually to say the words--in person, through a card or e-mail, or even through a phone call."

Ministry of Motherhood

Have you ever held back when Someone needed to hear those uplifting words? Have you made excuses, believing maybeSomeone needs to get it together before you affirm her?

I know I have.

But, what if, the encouragement might help steer Someone into the right place? What if the words Someone needs to hear are words only you can utter?

Sin, in it's deceitfulness, needs countering.

Our words are powerful. But words left unspoken hold only hopelessness.

Words left unspoken, that need speaking, are like the dreams we bury that need living.

They don't do anybody any good tucked away.

But imagine the hope you have to offer someone.

A soothing tongue is a tree of life. Proverbs 15:4

Today, I want to challenge you.

Choose 3 women in your life and send them a note. Whether you think they need it or deserve it --- or not.

Might I recommend?

Dayspring has lovely cards that really speak to the hearts of women. They aren't corney. And right now, you can get some {not all} cute cards for 50% off.

Some are simple:

Hey Girlfriend---

You're on my heart...

...and in my prayers.

Some are more in depth:

She’s the kind of person who looks at a cloud and says to herself, “There’s a rainbow coming in just a little while.” Then she kicks off her shoes and dances in the puddles until the sun comes out again.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good.” JEREMIAH 29:11 TLB


Don't forget to pen your own thoughts, because those --your words-- are the words that pour in hope, pour in love that she needs.

The card opens her heart so your words can speak into her life.

So, will you take this challenge with me?

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