Does Your Hair Need Flexibility?

I have searched the stores for unique hair clips that would hold my hair and have not found anything. I have rather long hair that's somewhat thick.

Then I find Lilla Rose. They don't just sell  hair clips; they sell hair jewelry. These are the most beautiful hair pieces I've ever seen.

Lilla Rose has been in the hair goods business since 1992 and has produced some of the loveliest hair products throughout the years.

Meet Jasmine Mansfield. Jasmine recently became a Lilla Rose Independent Consultant to help supplement her husband's income while staying home with their children. She is my consultant and I just adore her! Maybe some of you know her from her blog, Far Above Rubies.

The Flexi Hair-Clip is Lilla Rose's most unique, comfortable, elegant, and functional hair piece. Yes, it will work in your hair! Holds baby fine and thick hair!

You can browse Jasmine's website and view the style and sizing videos for great information on which Flexi-Clip is right for you.

There are seven (7) different sizes and many styles to choose from. The center of the Flexi-Clip is made out of music wire which allows it to bend or flex with your hair. The pin has three notches giving you more flexibility and holding the Flexi in place.

Some of Jasmine's favorites include:


The Flexi-of-the-Month is called A Mother's Love. The center pictures a heart with mother and child between a delicate rose.


The Flexi-of the-Month is available for a limited time only, while supplies last.

You can visit Jasmine and Lilla Rose on Facebook for more on hair jewelry and accessories and chat with her on Twitter at @FarAboveRubies3.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Jasmine at lillaroseaboverubies at gmail dot com.

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