Does What I Write Matter?

I battle with myself on writing anything these passed couple of days. Does what I write really matter? How is what I say any different from anyone else who has said the same thing?

So I close it up. Hold it in. Push it down. What's the point? Why write what has already been written? Every time I think I have a great idea or a great series swirling, I see someone else announce they're going to write it.

Why am I hesitating and letting the words slip from me? I find it difficult to see anything unique in my story or in what I write.

I dream of this space being a place where moms are not only encouraged, but equipped. My challenge? Getting from point A to point B. How do I move from the encouraging to the equipping?

In a Facebook poll I took from the Joyful Mothering FB community, moms spoke of their needs for

  • age appropriate resources
  • "how to" help
  • finding resources
  • money
  • how to utilize these resources
  • time management help
  • creativity
  • organization
  • learning to model grace
  • discipleship for them
  • self-discipline
  • motivation
  • good habits

Can you relate to any of this? Is there anything you need as a mother that isn't listed here?

Because even though I wrote all of the above--that I'm holding back writing because someone else, somewhere has already said what I need to say--I still see moms who have great needs that aren't being met. If that's you, raise your hand (or leave a comment) and tell me what it is you need.

If you need it, I'll stop holding back and write it.

If you're looking for a good Bible study, we just started Pursuit of Proverbs 31 on Monday -- and it's not the typical Proverbs 31 study you're used to seeing. Come check it out and see for yourself. :)

But first, as a mother, what do you need? Is it in the above list or something else? Linked With

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