Do Not Grow Weary in Homeschooling (part 2)

4 Tools to Break Homeschool Weariness Last week I shared a few tools to help renew some encouragement and inspiration in homeschooling, as another year begins.

This week I'm going to conclude with a few more tools Clay and Sally share in their book, Educating the WholeHearted Child.

We are in our second week of school and it is going pretty well. The children are happy to have some direction in their days and are quarreling less because of the minimal free time.

Even I am doing better with the extra structure. While I frequently feel like I'm not "cut out" for this kind of work, God consistently equips me with the tools I need to press on.

He has made me the way I am and wants to continue to mold me into what He can use for His glory. The same goes for you, too.


It's important that we not rule out homeschooling simply because we believe we don't have "the personality" for it. I assure you, regardless of your personality, if God calls you to homeschool, He will equip you to homeschool. Accept and embrace who you are and He will use you as you listen to His voice. Do what you need to do to keep going, because yes, it can get hard! Read a book by an author who encourages and inspires you (might I suggest Educating the WholeHearted Child?!)

Breaking Point

This is a hard one for me. We all have one. It is key to know when yours is. I think I'm still learning when mine is! My biggest challenge is that my expectations are very high just in thinking that I expect everything will run smoothly. I don't expect adversity when I should. Having five children, in varying ages and personalities, you're bound to have adversity!

It's so important to lean into God and cling to the hope He has given us for being faithful in what He's placed before us. We must adjust our days accordingly (and our attitudes)!

I also need to remember that we won't be able to learn and do everythingout there that there is to learn and do. I need to accept that fact and dig deep into what we do have. This will help minimize some of the frustrations from feeling like we need to "do it all".


We all should know Who our Provider is, but if you're anything like me, you often forget. But it could really help keep things into perspective if we remember and trust what He's promised us.

Not only will He provide us with the material things we need for homeschool, He will also provide us with the ability to organize and manage it--we need only ask. There are so many wonderful resources out there today, to help us in these things. We just need to do them and use them. He will bring us to them.

Simply trust Him.


It's important to have direction--as it is with all of life. If you don't have a path to follow, you'll follow any (or many) paths that will lead nowhere---or at least not where you wanted to go. For me, that's no good. I need to have a plan and my children need some structure.

These tools have helped motivate me to thoroughly define and refine my homeschool each year (sometimes each quarter)!

Do not grow weary in {homeschooling}, for you will reap, if you do not lose heart. (Christin Exchange a Word version) ;)

How do you need to be encouraged when you grow weary in homeschooling?