Common Distractions That Derail Moms from God

As moms, we are naturally busy. That is not a question. But busyness can become all-consuming and when we can't even find fifteen minutes to get alone with God, friends, then we're too busy.

I want to caution you that this is not about legalism. Legalism is the false belief that you are made righteous through man's good works, rules, or regulations. Only Christ makes us righteous and it's His commandments we must follow.

But it is a very real battle we're facing in spending time with the Lord. 

Nevertheless, we are called to work out our salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12) and taught that faith without works is dead (James 2:17). When we live for God, we should want to live a life worthy of the calling He has given us. It's always a battle with the flesh. We just need to be willing.

In what ways do the less obvious things of this world compete for our attention? This is a serious battle that must be recognized and addressed. We have everything pulling us away from being with God, learning about God, recognizing God, and experiencing the power of God. What are we going to do about it?

Do you ever feel that tug when you miss your time with God?

I know I do.

Quiet Time Invasions

As I hit the snooze button one more time, it's another 9 minutes stolen away from meeting with God.

As Facebook and Twitter lure me into the noise, I'm pulled away from the Word; from the dance of life He has choreographed for me.

I always regret missing my appointments with God. I have never regretted saying no to something less worthy and yes to Him. Never.

He is faithful. Always faithful.


Digging deeper, we become distracted by social media, magazines, and television that offer a us a false sense of rest. Rest is certainly needed, but real restoration comes through nurturing your soul by returning to Him.

Stimulating our brains with too much information will only further overwhelm us and make it harder to focus and discipline ourselves for that secret place with God.

What are we relying on to restore us? And is it really working or is it counterfeit?


We live in an entertainment driven and instantaneous society. When we are constantly entertained we expect to be constantly entertained. Churches have begun to look more and more like the world in order to entertain people to Christ.

We don't need to make Jesus relevant to the world; the gospel is relevant for all. We all have the same problem [sin] and are all in need of the same solution [salvation]. When presented correctly, we won't need to dress it up to entertain!

The addiction to stimulate our brains with something gratifying lures us away from Him who is simply constant. He's mysterious and not instantaneous. Spending time with Him could appear to be a waste because we think change should be instantaneous. 

It takes time to mold a heart! It takes time to build, develop, and maintain a relationship. And God? Well, there is always more to learn. There is always more of Him to unlock and understand. 

Anything that pulls our heart, soul, and mind away from Christ is nothing less than a distraction - but probably closer to an idol.

Friends, don't be fooled and don't be robbed. You decide how you will spend your time and resources. Are we acting as wise or unwise?


As moms, we are naturally busy. That is not a question. But busyness can become all-consuming and when we can't even find fifteen minutes to get alone with God, friends, then we're too busy. 

We get distracted by our to-do lists and all the "urgent" needs but we neglect our most important need -- to be filled by Him. We cannot pour out well when our well is empty. We need to get into His presence and there is no substitute for that. No one can do it for us. 

Distractions - Satan's Great Weapon

Distractions are a great way for Satan to prevent Christians from tapping in to the power of God, don't you think? It pulls us out of prayer and fighting for truth and souls. Compared with the instant gratification of this culture, intercessory prayer and warfare are too much work and far from entertaining.

Oh, I believe we are blessed people. Beyond our dreams we are blessed. But we must be oh so careful that the blessings do not turn into a curse and work against us rather than for us--and for others.

We are blessed not so we can hoard or continuously upgrade or accumulate, which only further distracts us and pulls us from being with God. We are blessed so we can be a blessing to others; to those who are in need. Get rid of the excess--for your sake and the sake of others.

Live it out

How do we live with less distractions?

  • Buy less. Give more.

Do not let the blessings become a stumbling block. Instead, use it to help someone with basic needs. Help others simply live, by living simply. {I know, you've never heard that one before, right?} ;)

This isn't necessarily a cry to give to the poor. Rather, it's an encouragement to give away excess so life is less distracting, so our hearts are more in tune with God.

But, giving to the poor isn't a bad idea either. ;) It's amazing how blessed YOU feel when you give.

Pray, seriously pray, and seek God's word for the Truth. He will reveal Himself.

  • Do less. Be more.

Instead of spreading yourself thin over many activities or responsibilities, let go of the least important and only hold on to a few priorities, pouring into those and being all there.

Challenge: Read these passages: Colossians 3:1-17; 1 John 2:15-17. Join the conversation on Facebook