Discovering God's Best for You--and Using It!

It is so incredibly easy to get caught up in a “woe is me” life. It really is. We create expectations that are rarely met and often can walk around with a defeatist attitude. Sometimes we believe that God isn't listening to our prayers for whatever reason, when that simply is not the case. God has already equipped us, we simply need to tap into what He's offering so we can receive it.

And this little book, packed with 60 devotionals, helps point us right to them.


I will admit up front that I take issue with books bearing titles that promise a great life based on our own works. I won't name any names, but there are several popular Christian speakers whose books bear these titles. They're empty promises, because the focus is on us and what we can do, rather then on God and what He can do.

Roy Lessin's book, Today is Your Best Day, has nothing to do what we can do to make our day better. Rather, it's what God has already done that Roy points us back to and shows us why today is our best day.

Here's an example title and excerpt from one of the devotions I enjoyed:

"Today is your best day ................................. Because of God's Leading (Part 1) For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name's sake, lead me and guide me. Psalm 31:3 KJV

Today is your best day because God will lead you in His paths, guide your way, and direct your steps. Today, you will take steps you've never taken before, learn things you've never known before, and have opportunities you've never been given before."

Let's stop there because this in itself is loaded with wonderful truths that we need to focus on.

Here's the thing: if we aren't focused on what God would have for us, we're going to miss it. Our routine days can become so routine, that we completely overlook the one small opportunity God planted for us to pick up on.

The theme I see running through these devotions is this: be attentive and sensitive to God through our days.  Recognize all He has for us! We have SO many reasons to celebrate!

Friends, let's not miss God's best for us!

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