Attributes of a Devoted Christian Mother

Devoted isn't a word we should throw around too loosely. I'm not particularly fond of the term "devotions" when it comes to reading lessons from a book about the Christian life. Devotion isn't reduced to having ten minutes set aside to read man's interpretation of Scripture. Not that God doesn't impart wisdom on men to teach His word. I just don't think the term devotion fits in this case.

What are the attributes of a devoted, Christian mother? Someone we refer to as the Proverbs 31 Woman? Yet even with all the attributes, there is only one thing that makes a devoted mother.

Being devoted to Christ will flow into being devoted as mothers. Reading a devotional for mothers isn't devotion. It's a tool but it's not overly in depth enough to be labeled with the term "devotional". (Why DO we call them that, anyways?)

A Devoted Mother

Devotion is ongoing. It's pressing on through every season. It's not perfection. Devotion is the decision to be deeply faithful to the calling of motherhood, no matter how hard it gets. And it shows itself in the little things. It's the day to day things we see as mundane which make us devoted. Devotion is in our attitude as much as our actions.

I think many of us would view ourselves as devoted, but I often question myself. Am I really devoted when I put my wants above my children's needs for nurture and more nutritious meals?

But before that, being devoted as a mother means being devoted to Christ, first. It means drawing from His living water constantly because He is our ultimate source. Because we recognize He is our very breath.

Many of the biblical motherhood attributes overlap: being dedicated, being faithful, being disciplined, the delight of it, and the duty of it. None of it will make us perfect. But the aim of them is what makes up mother.To mother is to nurture.

Reject Complacency

No longer can we be OK with being at ease in complacency. We cannot constantly listen to voices of mediocrity that tell us we're OK where we are because grace covers us.

As I've prayed and pondered this biblical motherhood series, I constantly ask myself what makes biblical motherhood different from simply motherhood. And I keep coming to the same conclusion. Biblical motherhood isn't about following some rules. It's about recognizing we have redemption in Christ that empowers us to serve others and live free. Freedom doesn't mean we sin freely because we're covered. It means we're free from sin and free to live and love and be in communion with God. The Law alone was never enough.

And I think the reason why we struggle hard to serve {and love} well, is because we constantly forget the Source of everything we are. We are surrounded by so many distractions, pulling us from Christ and His Word, to the philosophy of men. To the lull of complacency.

Apathy or Adoration

The goal isn't to badger but to empower. Sometimes that means encouragement, but we cannot live on that alone. Sometimes we need to hear the difficult words. Sometimes we need to be spurred on through challenge and chastisement, yet always through love. The Bible is filled with directions on how to live so that we do not dishonor Christ and what He did for us. Are we honestly devoted to living for Christ and not for ourselves? Will we live apathetic lives or lives of adoration of Christ?

Devotion to motherhood begins with devotion to Christ. If we haven't fully given our lives over by living obedient to Christ, we will always struggle in everything we do.

So, what are we holding back?


This is part 6 of a 10 part series on Biblical Motherhood

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