Developing an Authentic Passion for Jesus

July20090702 It's easy to become complacent in our walk with the Lord if we are not careful and attentive to our relationship with Him.

It's easy to allow our Bible reading to become just that: Bible reading, rather than a developing relationship. A peek into the heart of our God and Savior.

Our prayer lives can lack substance and depth and easily become a laundry list of needs or wants, or a slew of complaints.

And we can easily explain away doing our devotions rather than remaining committed.

A couple of weeks ago, I spent several hours away from home, at the library, to begin home school planning. My one goal during that time was to spend plenty of time in prayer, asking God to lead me where He wants us to go. After more than 3 hours, I left with some solid, foundational goals for our home school.

Having these goals are not to merely be ritualistic about having prayer & Bible reading times [consistently], but to cultivate a real passion and relationship with Jesus - for me and my children.

  1. develop a powerful prayer life
  • for me
  • for my children
  • together (as a family)

2. consistently (daily) read the great stories of the Bible

  • remember God's word is the Bread of Life and water for our spirit. Without it we would starve/thirst.

3. Character building

  • personal studies/devotions
  • individual daily devotions w/each child
  • weekly character studies, collectively
  • regular family devotions (weekly, lead by my husband).

Some things I don't want to settle for are

  • heartless, repeat meal time prayers
  • prayers that only ask for things
  • prayers that only complain
  • reading the Bible like it's any other book
  • taking God's Word for granted
  • kicking aside devotion time for other things

This is not just for the 2010-2011 school year, but something to continuously strive for. But, I am tired of settling. Time to up the ante. :)