Desperate: Foreword by Ann Voskamp

One of the biggest issues we have with motherhood is that we set our expectations so high for ourselves and our children. We then become overwhelmed and frustrated with ourselves when we fail to meet them day after day after day.

God's design for motherhood is much more simple than we make it out to be. We try to follow along with everyone else's set standards and we simply cannot live up to them. But the foundation of our mothering is not based on our performance. It's not based on how many "good deeds" we can punch out each day.

I think one of our biggest neglect's is that we fail to give our mothering over to God, It is not merely something we do when we reach our most desperate times. It is something we do everyday. We pray. We invite God to work in our hearts and that of our children's for that day.

We must learn how to love God in order to love our children.

But we also need to understand (and receive) how much God loves us. He just waits to help us. All we need to do is ask. Ask for wisdom. Ask for His strength. Ask for the Holy Spirit to live through us. Everyday. Not just when it gets hard. But everyday. As we meet with God everyday, our relationship and love for Him grow.

Our growing relationship with God will in turn help our relationship and love for our own children, and He will guide our steps into excellent motherhood. Excellent motherhood may not be that what we see with your eyes; but what we manifest from our heart into the hearts of our children.

This week I think it's really important that you take the time to pray and prepare your heart for a new vision of motherhood. Ask God to show you how He views motherhood and your role as a mother.

Take this week to read chapters 1 & 2 in Desperate and we'll have some discussion on it next week!

 Tell me, what is your greatest struggle right now as a mother?

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