Deep Cleaning the Bathroom and Tackling Mt. Washmore

This week I’m posting as part of the 5 Days of Mothering & Homemaking series. My series is on cleaning and getting your children involved (or more involved). To view the other 21 contributors and their topics, go here.


Bathroom Duty

Aside from mopping the floors, deep cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite chore. I use the word favorite loosely here.

So the idea of delegating part of that chore is both relieving and guilt-laden. The bathroom should be one of the top priorities in the home to keep clean. I know when I walk into someone else's home, going into a clean bathroom is refreshing. On the contrary, going into a dirty bathroom is, well, gross.

Wiping down mirrors, counters and the sink as well was "swishing" the toilet everyday only takes a few minutes. Involving your children also continues with teaching responsibility and family contribution.

Beyond that, scrubbing the tub and mopping the floor should be a weekly occurrence. If you've kept up on wiping down surfaces, doing the weekly deep cleaning will be a breeze.

I used to be better about having my older ones wipe down surfaces in the bathroom, but as is second nature to me, I started picking up the slack and never gave it back.

Assigning this chore can be done in the mornings after teeth-brushing or right before bed. Personally, I prefer before bed so everyone wakes up to a tidy, clean bathroom each morning.

The children can take responsibility for wiping down surfaces, and I can take care of the deeper cleaning each week--at least until they're older ;).


I started folding laundry when I was about 10. My daughter turns 10 this month--can I get a woot?!

OK, just kidding. I also came from a family of 5, not a family of 7. Completely delegating all the laundry would take over my poor daughter's life--at least right now.

Honestly, though, it is time for her to seriously begin doing some folding. Towels are quick and easy. Once she gets that down, we'll move on to doing her own laundry. Even my 3 year old likes to help fold the wash cloths.

Do your children help with laundry?

On a Positive Note

It's important to point out how crucial it is to make sure we are affirming our children when they do a job well down. This empowers them to keep pushing on, or even take the initiative to go above and beyond their expected duties. My daughter (9) has demonstrated this numerous times.

Encouragement is so very important. The Bible says,

"But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness." Hebrews 3:12

Do you realize how loaded this one verse is? Encouragement is crucial for anyone living in this fallen world. It can be so easy to take our eyes off the prize and grow faint. We need those regular reminders that we aren't alone and that we can try again.

How much do our children need to hear these words from us? Encourage them in their efforts, even if the job done was less than stellar. Don't be deceitful in your praise, but let them know there's always tomorrow and you know they can do it.

Cleaning is no fun for anyone (well, maybe some people find it fun!) But since our only other option is to live in chaos and filth, I'd say we should do what we can to make the most of it.

What do you do to make cleaning more fun?

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