David Samuel Has Arrived!

After much anticipation, our new arrival made his appearance very early Saturday morning. David Samuel.jpg

Right now we are all working to adjust. I am trying hard to rest while I can and work on getting some basic routines in order. I am also working to establish David's feeding & sleeping schedule so that we can work it in with our school schedule.

At this point, I'm not wanting to wait until October 4th to begin school, so I am thinking we will start September 7th, but begin light. We can work our way up through the first few weeks and be doing a fuller schedule by October 4th.

You can read my birth story below:

So, I'd been in early labor for about a week. On Friday, just before 2pm, I started having regular contractions, about 9 mins apart. My OB told me to call when they were 6-8 mins apart. After a couple of hours they moved to being 7 mins apart. Then 6 mins. So I called my OB and she said to go ahead and come on in. After getting the kids situated, we went to Meijer to just walk around a bit just to make sure the contractions would keep coming. They were coming every 5 mins, so after about 30 mins of walking we left for the hospital.

Once in triage they checked me and I was 4cm. Clearly I was progressing (since I was 3cm just the day before in the office). So I was admitted to L&D. Once situated I was checked again and was 5cm.  Then my OB broke my water. That was around 8pm or so. I was contracting every 2 mins.

Though I didn't need it yet, I decided to go ahead and get the epidural. I didn't know how fast I would progress. For me, the epidural is only for transition and pushing. The contractions otherwise don't bother me. And as expected, my contractions puttered out once the epidural was in place. So, they put me on 1mL of pitocin to just jump start them again...that was about 10pm. By 11pm I was 8cm and by 1am I was complete and ready to push. By then they turned the pitocin off.

I pushed 3 of the most intense pushes of any labor I've had and David was out (1:11AM).

What I really liked was my OB kind of let me call the shots instead of telling me how to do everything. She allowed me to push in a position that was comfortable for me.

David is beautiful and I'm so in love with him!!