Creating Your Passion

Blogging can be a very tedious endeavor when you're bombarded with all the "how to's" of successful blogging.

But there is one thing that lays the foundation for blogging that you need to focus on before anything else: your passion.

Think about what you are passionate about. What lights you up to talk about or think about? It could be helping people with crafting, or fitness. Maybe you're passionate about marriage or photograph; cooking or art. There is no end to the possibilities. The important thing for you to recognize is what your passion is. Not what others passions are or what other people think your passion should be.

Then, you write about it.

What if you don't like writing?  Writing isn't the only way to share your passion.

You can vlog. Vlogging is simply making a video and sharing it on a blog.

This is a tough one. I love writing. But for those who don't think they have a natural love or gift for writing, sometimes think they can't write.

Not true.

If you write, you're a writer. If it doesn't come easy, join the club of writers. For most of us, it doesn't come easy.

Take Ann Voskamp. Writing comes slow for her. Yet she has some of the most beautiful writing I have ever read.

Before you get lost in the details of blogging and social media, get disciplined to hone the craft of writing a bit.

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