Countdown to David's Arrival!

IMG_09152Since I am now officially "full term" (37 weeks), the countdown is on! I can't help but think that everyday could be the day! I have always gone early with all my babies. I'm thinking, chances are, it won't be til mid-next week because that's when my other boys were born (38 1/2 weeks). In the mean time I've been trying hard to keep the house maintained and work on small projects. My belly has not been as bothersome as it has in previous pregnancies. My back hasn't hurt, heartburn hasn't been that bad. I'm just excited to meet this little guy and begin our schedule/school year!

A week ago I was in triage for over 4 hours with contractions, ranging from 3-5 minutes apart to 2-3 minutes apart - but no cervical change (still hanging out at 3-4 cm).  It's really hard not to get antsy when I thought I was so close!

It's hard to think of anything else at the moment.