Copying Proverbs

A regular part of our disciplined studies is to do copy work. When I first began homeschooling, I would go crazy deciding what copy work to give my daughter.

Finally, I settled on the book of Proverbs. It has become more than mere copy work. It has allowed the seeds of wisdom to be planted in the hearts of my children.

My daughter (9) is on chapter 21 of Proverbs, writing up to 4 verses per day.

In the beginning I would hand write all the verses for her so she could easily see them. Once she was ready for cursive writing, I switched to writing in cursive. Now she copies out of the book on her own.

I occasionally check her work for minor errors and she occasionally asks what a verse {or word} means. As you can see from the above picture, there is a significant difference in her writing. From the first chapter of Proverbs, to her latest writing this week.

I have also started my son copying Proverbs this year. He is six years old and just completed chapter one last week. I am astounded at the vast difference in his writing from just one chapter of verses. He writes 1-3 verses per day. It depends on if he is up to writing more, but he is asked to write at least one verse.

Like I did with my daughter, I hand write each verse out and he writes directly below it. As you can see, his writing is smaller and more controlled in comparison to when he first began.

An important part of copying Proverbs is discussing the verses with each one they write. It exposes them to wisdom and we help give them understanding.

Once my daughter has completed the book of Proverbs, I will give her the responsibility of choosing her own copy work. This will help to expose her to different types of writing (such as dialogue) and allow her to write other things that are meaningful to her.

What types of copy work do your children do? :)


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