When God takes you deeper, you begin to feel things you didn't before. You feel drawn to something that didn't really matter to you before. You can't explain the change--it just happens. Yea. That's God. Only He can change a heart like that. And sometimes He calls us step out before we feel anything. God equips us and calls us to just move. To be obedient. Not to ask questions, but to trust.

Last year around this time I was drawn into Compassion's website. I clicked the "search" button with no preferences {should there be?}. I scrolled part way down the first page and noticed a young girl who had several different "icons" attached to her profile picture. The icons indicated specific information about her: she had been waiting for a sponsor for more than 6 months and she lives in an AIDS affected area. Did I really need to look any further?

Her name is Cecilia. She lives in Tanzania with her mom and dad. She's 8 years old. And the first time I received a letter from her, I immediately felt connected to her. We write to her 1-2 times per month, pray for her regularly and talk about her like she's one of the family. She is.


Why am I telling you this? I don't gain anything from encouraging you to sponsor a child? No. This isn't about me. This stems from a great need to look outside myself. But to share with you how something so simple and easy to do can be such a great blessing to a child in need.

Compassion makes it so easy, I hesitate to call it a sacrifice! Yes, it is a sacrifice to give money. But money is only a part of the equation. A child being sponsored doesn't know much of the money. What they seek are your letters. Your labor of love. They see your love through your letters. If a child has a sponsor who doesn't write, because often the sponsor doesn't realize the value of their letters, the child feels unloved. They don't understand. For them, it's not about the money.

As children, they don't see the big picture as we do. Especially younger children. They don't always know money buys food and education and medical care. But they do see and hear written words from someone half way around the world who cares for them.

What if you're struggling with money yourself and really can't afford to help someone else, financially? That's OK.

You could donate a one time gift, whether now or when God equips you to do so. You could pray. Prayer is a powerful connector we under utilize!

Don't worry about Compassion. They are the real deal and your money goes exactly where it should. They have proven themselves time and again. Their heart beats for children and families in poverty--not just financially, but spiritually as well.

Currently, there are 1850 children *(update, there are now about 1621 children!)* who are still without a sponsor. That's a lot of children, but it's miniscule compared to how God has equipped His people to care for the poor. One thousand eight hundred and fifty children--there are over 77,000 people who live in my city alone. How easy could this be?!

1850's a lot of children still in need, but it's not too many to go around. Not by a long shot.

It's really a great way to give and show our children how we can give hope to others.

I encourage Jonathan's story. Read Jivinson's story. Read about why sponsored children love the letters they receive. It's not just about the money. It's so much more.

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion