Coffee Break with Christin

Coffee house interior. 3d render. On Fridays I am doing something a little different. Typically when I write posts I am careful and selective about my wording and write something beneficial for my readers that has also helped me.

But there are just times when I need to write without a filter. When I need to say what's on my heart without worry about if it's relevant to everyone else. And chances are, there may be more people to connect with through such an avenue. Maybe there are others dealing with the same things who are afraid to speak about them.

Does it mean our faith is small? Does it mean we are lesser people? No. It means we are human, seeking God.

Some things written in this space may be deep and thought provoking and some may be witty and merely chatty. The point is to just write. To forget all the blogging rules for one day and just write my heart out.

It's good to have a break from the rules once in a while. Even better if it's over coffee with some friends, no?

Join me here on Fridays. That's where you'll find a coffee break with me and you can unleash some things, too.

This is not a link up, though I may be open to it in the future if there's interest.

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