Calling All Men...

...ladies, grab your husbands. I have a special message for them from Family Life...

Did you know there are five stages in a man’s journey? (I wonder how many stages there are in a womans!) Author and founder of FamilyLife, Dennis Rainey, speaks to each of these stages in his book, Stepping Up, A Call to Courageous Manhood. In it, he unpacks what it means to be a man and discusses the unique challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of each stage—boyhood, adolescence, manhood, mentor and patriarch. In a time, when definitions of masculinity are ridiculed by some and blurred by others, many of our Christian brothers don’t understand what it means to be a Godly man.


“Men today are realizing that another crisis is upon us. There are no bullets or bombs, but we are on a battlefield all the same. It’s a fight for our families and our future. And for this fight we need men who are willing to bravely step up and be the tough, courageous men God designed them to be,” says Rainey.


Dennis Rainey and FamilyLife are right now challenging our husbands, sons and fathers to answer the call to godly, courageous manhood and to host or join in on Stepping Up Super Saturday, a one-day, nationwide event held in churches and homes on Saturday, February 2.

Through engaging stories, expert teaching and personal insights, Rainey, along with Matt Chandler, Bill Bennett, Tony Dungy, Robert Lewis, Voddie Baucham, Mark Driscoll, and 15 others will layout the blueprint of biblical manhood and challenge every man to step up in their own lives, marriages, churches, and communities.

To join in on Stepping Up Super Saturday, men can order the event kit, gather together and pop in the DVD. From there, these nationally renowned speakers tackle some of the biggest issues facing men today. Please encourage your husbands, as well as teen and young adult sons, to join in on this incredible chance to be inspired and to step up to godly, courageous manhood.


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I support and endorse FamilyLife. They are a terrific organization of resources for Christian families.