Building Your House

In Sally Clarkson's book, Season's of a Mother's Heart, she talks about building your house, and if you're not taking intentional steps to build, you're tearing it down.

But it is in the day-to-day process of reaching for it--of doing the building--that I have found my greatest fulfillment as a mother and as a woman.

I couldn't agree more with these words. Even when I am cleaning, I know I am right where God wants me and I have peace because of that.

In this section she focuses on three principals to help you get started.

    1. Start building with a good plan. We as mother's may not plan to tear down our homes. But when we fail to plan to build our homes, the tearing down becomes the automatic default. We must be committed to building our homes.
    2. Build on a strong foundation. Keep your eyes fixed on what God wants for your family, not necessarily your high ideals. God is more concerned about our hearts for Him than our self-righteousness and aiming to instill that into our children. He has a standard, sure, but it's much less demanding than our own. We need to choose to rest in grace at the end of the day.
    3. Count the cost to build. You must do this to be sure you are willing to pay the price of building. You must realize it doesn't come without a high price.

There is the physical cost of weariness from teaching and caring for children with constant needs, from doing housework and laundry, from making countless meals, from picking up the same toys over and over again. There is the emotional cost of always being expected to give affection and attention to ever-present children, of directing their education, of training their spirits and disciplining them, of being available to them for what seems like 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. pg.89

Sally is a Titus 2 mentor for me--even if it's from afar. She has taught me so much about mothering and family life, and her children are now grown and serving the Lord. What she says has much weight for me.

I am completely challenged by this chapter because right now, I do not have a plan for building. I am living day to day by default, thus tearing down the walls {or rather, not supporting them with anything}. This is not OK.

One of my biggest struggles has been keeping with a schedule, and for me and our family, I believe this is the skeleton of making it all happen. The schedule will be sure nothing gets left out and everything important receives adequate attention.

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