Building a Blog That Reaches Out

DIY MinistryBlogging has grown into such a wonderful way to reach out and minister to others, yet it can also be frustrating when we feel like we're getting nowhere. You get this dream or vision for building a ministry online and you open a blog. You begin to write in hopes of encouraging or challenging other people. So you write, and write, and write some more.

The problem is, no one is reading. And if they are, they aren't commenting. You feel defeated, and the blog is left stagnant.

This could be said about someone trying to build a business as well.

And it happens.

Sixty to eighty percent of new blogs fail within the first month. That's a staggering number, even on the low end. Why is that?

Blogging isn't as cut and dry as it appears. However, the knowledge to run a successful blog is obtainable--you just need to tap into it.

How about Wordpress? You've thought about moving there but the idea is too intimidating. Relearning a brand new platform? Then you wonder if you should go to or What's the difference?

Steps up DIY Ministry. Amy Bayliss and Lisa Boyd are the creators of this fabulous program that helps bloggers build a platform and become successful in their ministry online.

They offer articles and tutorials, website training, personalized help, live workshops online {so you don't have to leave home}, and content specific eBooks (coming soon!).

I attended a live workshop last Wednesday where we discussed branding and identity in blogging. It was fascinating and I learned important things that I never thought mattered in blogging. The workshop was live so I was able to ask questions as they come up and have them answered right there. It was a rich experience and I took away some great information.

In fact, I began contacting designers in order to work on an original logo for this blog. That cute little graphic of the mom and child in my header and on my button? Although I paid for that, it is still public domain and anyone can buy it from iStockphoto. Anyone can use it. I don't own it, I simply bought rights to use it. It has restrictions on it.

As much as I love that graphic, I would love more for something original, that is mine and mine alone to represent Joyful Mothering. Joyful Mothering is unique to me and I want my readers {you!} to have something original and exclusive to share with others.

When you build your blog, you want to show others that you are set apart from the rest. How can you do that? One way is to have a logo that represents your blog. This is something you want to hand over to respective a designer. They know their legal limits in creating and are gifted in this area. They can give you a professional, high quality graphic.

This is simply one snippet of information learned from the workshop I attended.

Most bloggers have similar goals: to reach people. DIY Ministry helps you learn how to do that.

If you are serious about becoming a successful blogger, I highly recommend working with DIY Ministry. These gals are committed to working with you and helping you learn what you need to know to understand the ropes of blogging.

Tomorrow a workshop addressing blog design and graphics will run at 2pm EST. Space is limited so if you are able to attend I highly recommend registering soon. This is one topic that is vital for bloggers to know. Plus? Karen is going to tell you secrets the professionals don't want you to know. This is something I want to get in on!

I will be there and hope to see you there, too!