Build an Altar With Your Writing

Build an Altar I was talking to my sweet friend Lisa one night and we were discussing a song that her mother in law wrote called "Find Yourself a Place."

It's a beautiful song that urges us to find a quiet place with God, and mark it to remember what He's done in our lives. The song encourages us to be still, and know He is God.

The one part that really strikes me, though, is the first line: "Find yourself a place. Build yourself an altar."

"Build yourself an altar."  What does that mean?

An altar is a place of worship. No, I'm not suggesting we worship our writing practice. Rather, the writing itself is an offering to God. But it doesn't stop there.

An altar was often built while God's people traveled and was left there as a sign; as a reminder of what God had done for them in that place.

This goes back to the days of Moses and Abraham. Altars were built in important locations in order to remind them of God's work. 

What a testimony our writing could be if we used it to build an altar; when we write through important places in our journey of life, to help us remember God's work and pass it down to our children. We build a place of remembrance through our writing--passing down the  testimony of God's faithfulness through generations.

  • Write your journey through a struggle
  • Write your journey through marriage and/or motherhood
  • Write your journey through chronic illness
  • Write through your infertility and/or adoption

There are no limits--you could write through all of the above {where applicable}!

And share your stories! Blog pieces of your journey where you feel honestly lost and are broken. Write  how God lifts you up and how His faithfulness endures. These are where your stories---your testimonies speak into the lives of others and help change or encourage God's people.

Use your writing to build an altar.