Blogging Schedule, Comments, and Building Community

Blogging Schedule

The past couple of months have been a blessing, being able to have the community step up and share their hearts here. Followed by my heart for discipleship and sharing wonderful resources with you.

I have now come into a season called: homeschooling. Our year began the second week of September and I am at a point where I need to accept my limitations and be content.

While the past couple of months found Joyful Mothering filled with posts {4-5 days per week}, this season is going to slow that down a bit {2-3 posts per week}, at least for a while.

But I by no means consider this to be a BAD thing. In fact, it may even be better. You see, this gives me a chance to spend a little more time on each post I put up. In addition, this allows for a little more time to engage with you in the comments.


While we're on the topic of comments, I wanted to introduce you to a way to stay connected whenever I reply to one of your comments. Many readers here don't even know I reply to their comments! This will be quick and painless, I promise.

Go to Disqus and create a quick, simple profile. This way, you will receive any replies to your comments in your in box, so you will not miss them.

Blogging is such a multifaceted endeavor. It doesn't start with opening a blog and end with writing posts regularly. It is so much more than that.

It involves tech work, planning, and building community.

Building Community

Joyful Mothering is about building community, not simply getting blog posts out--although that is important. My goal is to write, but it's also to connect. The two go hand in hand.

God laid on my heart the purpose for this blog, and it doesn't begin in this space. It begins in my home. It begins in your home. The community is where we come together to guide, encourage, motivate, and empower one another. Once we have that, we take it and use it. We do not keep it to ourselves.

When God fills us, we need to use that and apply it to what we set our hands to---mothering.

And sometimes, a little goes a long way. When you read something that encourages or challenges you from here, or anywhere else on the web, use that to empower you to walk with God. Don't keep it to yourself. Set your hands to the work He's called you to and use that encouragement to help you move forward.  Pay that encouragement forward.

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