Blog Critiques and Consults

I've been working behind the scenes on a new project. Just a little something to help out my fellow mom bloggers. I know many of you have blogs but feel stuck at times and get frustrated because your blog doesn't seem to be going anywhere or reaching anyone. One of the things I've been doing is working with fellow blogger, Trina, on a series for "Smaller Bloggers" on the Allume blog. We really want to try and address issues bloggers who feel "small" are facing. While we can do this on a broad spectrum, there is a time to take a closer look at the ins and outs of your own blog and evaluate your vision and purpose.

Many moms cannot afford to spend a large sum of money to work one on one with a consultant. The investment is very good if you want to move forward in blogging and just feel stuck. The feedback really pays for itself over and over again.

I really felt compelled to offer blog consultation at a really low rate to help out mom bloggers. So I opened up Joyful Living Media.

This is more ministry then it is business--if it were solely business, the prices would not be so low, I assure you. I did some research and saw many consultations priced anywhere from $100 to $250 to even $750.  I believe much was dependent upon what was included in each. The first two prices were rather basic consultations. Granted, consultations do take time, experience, prior research and educating. So, I can understand the price. Especially if you're working with small to moderate size businesses.

But I'm not. I'm working with everyday, stay at home moms, just like me. My goal is to help within my reach and sphere of people.


So, I welcome you to Joyful Living Media. I encourage you to check out the Smaller Blogger series. If you're a blogger who wants to be serious about blogging, it does take some investing--not merely money, but time as well.


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