Big Calendar Giveaway

I'm really loving this super big wall calendar. NeuYear sent me two calendars to review (one paper and one dry erase) as well as compensated me for my time. This post does contain affiliate links. Please check out my full disclosure.

Big Wall Calendar

Benefits of Using a Big Calendar

This is the paper calendar offered by NeuYear and I have it hung downstairs by my desk area for blogging and writing projects.

If I zoom into one of the calendar dates, you can see I have a pretty hefty goal penciled in. (It's always wise to use pencil!)

See, I have just shared one of my secret projects with you. ;)

Big Calendar Goals

Now, upstairs, near where we do homeschooling, I set up the dry erase calendar for another purpose.

NeuYear Calendar as a Lesson Planner

This is where I share another neat aspect of this calendar.

The calendar I have hanging downstairs hangs horizontally, while the one upstairs hangs vertically.

Every calendar has the option of which way you want to hang it. If you don't have a place to fit it vertically, turn it over and hang it horizontally! Win!

NeuYear Fits Horizontally or Vertically

4 reasons I love a big calendar on my wall

1. It's hard to miss

Seriously. I have several binders that have schedules and even my planner and I often forget to open them, simply because "out of sight, out of mind." I need something front and center that calls me to look at it.

2. Space to write

For the dry erase calendar, I can use thin, white board markers to either write big enough to see from afar, or small enough to fit a lot in the box. There is definitely plenty of space to fill in my goals and plans.

3. My children can see me plan

It allows my children to learn how to set goals and plan for the future by watching me plan their Bible lessons (and my writing endeavors if they ever care to look at that one). It helps then learn to think ahead.

4. It wins me over digital calendars

I have never liked using digital planners or calendars for several different reasons. I prefer the method of writing to typing in this respect. These things tend to get lost in my digital world. I also just don't like staring at a screen when I plan because I tend to plan long term and I feel like I have more control with paper. (No glitches, no formatting issues, etc).


I also love that these calendars are VERY affordable. You can purchase yours here and enter discount code: SEPTEMBER20 on the second page of check out for 20% off. Good through September 30th. {If you purchase the calendar and then win one in the giveaway, NeuYear will refund your money}. Plus, become an affiliate and earn 10% for every sale.


I am giving away THREE calendars! Woot!


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