Bible Study for Moms - Part 5

The Undeniable Responsibility as Mother

God has given mother's such a unique role. And our role requires that we run to Him on a consistent basis or we run on empty very quickly. Based on my experience alone, I know that when I am not constantly in God's word and seeking Him, I come up dry very, very quickly.

Children, by nature and no fault of their own, are very needy beings. They require so much of their mother, and if you have multiple children, you can multiply those needs. It is imperative that we equip ourselves regularly in order to care for the needs of our children: physically, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually.

In order to teach the Word, it's good for us to be familiar with it.

Can I tell you, it is such a gift to teach my children about the Lord. It is so amazing to watch their faces light up with revelation from the Holy Spirit when something is taught and they understand it. There is nothing like it.

No Sunday school teacher can replace you, Mother. They will never be able to reach your children in a way you can through your influence and your teaching of God's Word. Do not make the mistake of believing that the Sunday school teacher will do a better job because they have the "know how".

Even without the fancy felt figures (though they are fun!) and games, your children will learn best from you.

So, make it a point, mom, to fill up your tank so you can fill the tanks of your children and fulfill God's mission one day at a time. Do not neglect the great responsibility you have to yourself, your children, and your husband by failing to be in the Word. It's not a matter of "following the rules", it's a matter of feeding your soul necessary food.

Don't get in the word because you have to; get in the Word because you need to.

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