Gabriella 2I have a very special guest poster sharing here today--my daughter, Gabriella. We have just relaunched her blog, Joyful Homeschool. Gabriella wants to share her personal thoughts of the brand new book, "Begin", written by Philip and Erin Ulrich. This is the first book in a series called the Growly books .





From when I read the first chapter of  Philip and Erin's book, I knew that it was the start of a great adventure.  It is about an adventurous bear named Growly.  He is about to become a young bear and is going on a trip to find his grandfathers long lost friend, C.J.  I  don't normally read these sort of books, but from the start, I absolutely enjoyed the whole thing; the story line, the detail, the illustrations-- everything.

If someone were to ask me "What book does this story remind you of?", I would say "King Solomon's Mines", a story about an adventurer who searches for gold.  I never thought that I'd read an adventure story about a bear! It also taught me how to write a new kind of story, because I am a fiction writer. One thing that touched me was Growly's grandfather, and when they visited him before he left.  It's because my grandpa went to heaven last April. While I read that part of the story, my heart ached, in a good, yet sad feeling, of how I miss his stories, and I miss his voice.

I think that this is a book that every kid (and adult) would enjoy, especially if you like adventures, and you like bears!  One of the other things that I liked, was that it left me in a cliffhanger. I am now very hungry, waiting for the next book in the series to be put out. Meanwhile, I will get lost in another book, still eagerly waiting for the second adventure of Growly to come.

Erin and Philip: I want to personally thank and congratulate you on your story.  I think that it was a BIG success and can't wait for the next book, and to hear what happens to Growly, Chippy, Tully and C.J. Thank you so much!

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Be Small Studios, the illustrator of the Growly books, is giving away an 8x10 original pencil and hand-painted watercolor version of one of "Begin's" illustrations. These illustrated prints really are lovely.

You can enter the giveaway below! And be sure to pick up your copy of "Begin". Truly. You can also get it on Kindle. This is a wonderful read aloud for even young children. My 11-year old read it in three days. She couldn't put it down.

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