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As a mother who has writing in her DNA, for a long time I struggled with accepting the reality that writing was OK in conjunction with being a mother. Sounds a bit silly to think that we can't mother and pursue the passion God has planted in us. God has purpose behind our passions--sometimes the hard part is merely tapping into what that purpose is. But how can we balance pursuing this passion while in the thick of motherhood?

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This is something that I have learned through trial and error--and still continue to refine and learn as my family grows and my season of motherhood changes. At the time of this post, we are in the middle of adopting two sweet girls from Ghana, and their homecoming will certainly add a new dimension to motherhood, thus changing my dynamic for writing.

I have heard many, many moms state how much they would like to blog or write, but simply don't have the time with caring for the many needs of their children. I certainly do not undermine or minimize the great needs of caring for our children, instead I offer some practical tips and encouragement for how you can do both motherhood and blogging well.

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Blog at Home Mom was a refreshing and encouraging read for this blogging mama of 5. It was just the right balance of help and simplicity that left me feeling empowered to do mothering, life, and blogging well. You will love Christin’s winsome writing style and her no-nonsense approach to melding blogging and mothering. I highly recommend this book!

- Joy Forney,

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100% of the profits from this eBook go directly to our adoption travel costs. We need to raise about $5000 to bring our girls home. So when you purchase this book, you are helping us get one step closer to our goal. *Thank you*!!