August Goals {Update}

I've slacked a little this month on keeping my accountability here. It hasn't been a bad month, though!! I'm also going to be adding in a pretty major goal.


Continue waking up early(habit) - I've beenconsistent

Read Bible to children at breakfast (habit) - I've been consistent

New Goal: 42 Days to Fit

 I'm joining in with Brandy from The Marathon Mom to kick start my exercise and healthy eating lifestyle. Being a mother and a writer (who is prone to sitting to write), I need to make sure my body is healthy. This isn't about weightloss (although that's a perk!) It's about living a healthy lifestyle and having the energy I need to care for my 5 children (without the crankiness!)

This all starts Monday. If you're interested in joining, you can sign up here.


Reading 1 of 2 books this month (The Husband Project) Still going through the Projects, but the reading portion is done. Plus hubby and I are reading a book together: Wrecked by Jeff Goins

Go on 1 date (my treat)--hmm, still hoping!


Daily Journaling (Habit) - Haven't even started this :-/

Weekly breakfast (out) with each child - Hubby and I have been consistent


Continue involvement in Pinterest - Still working into this slowly. Any tips you have to offer would be awesome! :)

Focus on moving Facebook pages (have you liked my new page yet?) ;) - Going well, I think!!Got about 40% of everyone moved over!

I think the month is fairing well. I have direction and I feel like I'm moving toward something rather than running in circles. :)