Are You A Fun Mom?

Today's guest post is by Kellie of Mentoring Moments. ___

I admit, sometimes oftentimes I am not. In fact being fun in the middle of a bustling home of six is not always on my daily list of things to accomplish. A dear friend once told me she regularly put laughing on her To Do list! Sometimes the responsibilities of life can overshadow having fun together day-to-day as a family.


How do we become fun moms? Being fun is not being permissive or indulgent. It's about showing our children that in the middle of life joy, cheerfulness, and laughter can have a prominent place.


Partying for No Particular Reason 

Children love being in charge and playing host for spur of the moment fun. For years now, my children will become inspired by the simplest of things and decide to have a party. This does not involve spending any money, inviting a load of guests, or doing an extra-special cleaning of the house. What I do require: asking first, they are in charge of all planning, decorations, activities, and clean-up. Parties are generally right after dinner and last about an hour.


My son once asked after reading a book about Charles Atlas if we could have a workout party. That evening, amidst lots of laughter and joking our family of six did push-ups, jumping-jacks, and pillow weight-lifting competitions led by our seven-year-old. We've had Star Wars light saber parties, dinner and a movie parties, UNO parties, Superhero parties, singing parties, and even a Mario Kart Wii challenge party. The kids love digging through my box of party decorations, making paper banners, and personalized invitations for each family member.


Building Family Relationships

Just to set the record straight, my family is normal. My kids argue, fight, and talk to one another in tones I do not approve of at times. Some days it seems like all I do is deal with issues such as this over and over again. It always amazes me that when we have fun as a family the arguing is replaced with giggles and grins. My goal is to see my children be friends and know unconditional love and acceptance for one another. I want their memories of growing up to include times of laughter, joy, and fun with their parents and siblings.


Living Intentionally

The Mom I mentioned who put laughing on her To Do list--she's one of the funniest people I know. It just goes to show that we all can get into ruts, like forgetting to stop and just laugh or have fun. Francis Chan says in his book, Crazy Love,

"Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter."

I may succeed at keeping a clean home, but if I fail at promoting joy and cheer, I fail.


Kellie Renfroe

Married 22 years and the homeschooling Mom of four children ages 7 to 17, Kellie enjoys blogging and photography. She publishes the all-volunteer blog, Mentoring Moments for Christian Women, to encourage women in their daily walk with our Savior, Jesus Christ.