Are We Mothering Our Children With Entertainment?

Are We Mothering Our Children With Entertainment?

We live very busy lives in this culture. There are endless options of things to do and be involved in. Technology has made life SO easy, it might be TOO easy.

The Ease of Technology

I don't mean the mental or emotional state of life is always easy, but the physical aspects, which play a vital role on the mental, are seriously lacking in our culture. It's just a simple fact. Technology plays a huge roll in entertaining our culture.

But we don't need to be dominated by our culture. Sure there are plenty of great things about the ease of technology and many different options. However, they can cause just as much harm. Let me explain.

When we constantly rely on technology to do the work for us, we become lazy and reliant. The same goes for our children. When we allow them to constantly or consistently play games on the iPad or watch TV instead of working their brains with a good book or hands-on project, their brains become lazy. The more we allow it, the harder it is to get them to bounce back and work their brains. They can no longer see images in their head from reading a book because the TV has done the work for them.

Going Against the "Norm"

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I fall into the guilt trap of feeling like the “mean mom” for being so limited on the electronics. So, I’ll offer more time. But when I try to reign them back in to their lessons, it becomes a battle that is met with complaint and whining and, “It’s too hard!”.

Come on, we can admit it’s easy to just say, “Yes you can play a game or watch that show.” And some days I believe it’s a necessity for sanity. But just like our children, it can make us lazy moms. I know, not what anyone want’s to hear. Why put the work in when iPad apps can do it for us?

We pay for convenience, but at what cost?

It’s a tough paradox. Our culture is now driven by technology. We can’t just disconnect from that reality. But we can still be wise and use it as a tool.

And technology isn’t the only thing that entertains our children. How often do we push and bribe with toys and movies and gadgets that do little but keep kids busy without significant benefits? But we have grown so accustomed to being entertained, that it seems abnormal to minimize it. To our children, it may seem unfair. As if they were being deprived of a “normal” life.

How can we turn this around so our children have a future filled with active minds who think for themselves? Just because we live in this culture, doesn’t mean we have to be subject to it. And going against the culture is not an easy thing to do.

Equip Our Children

We all want what’s best for our children — I do not doubt that. But are we actively pursuing that goal, or merely “hoping for the best?” We need to be a generation of moms who stands up against the norm and raises warriors for Christ, who are ready to battle the evils of the world rather then join them. I’m not saying technology or even entertainment is inherently evil. But too much can certainly be devastating. We should not ignore it’s long-term effects from excessive use and pleasure.

The last thing we want to do is lull our children to sleep by making them blind to a world who desperately needs Christ.

This is part 2 of a series on Biblical Motherhood